CEIA Education and Skills Programme

As the major multinational electronics corporations located here change their focus to knowledge-driven activities and the indigenous Irish Electronics industry continues to develop and grow strong, it is now widely accepted that the demand for highly skilled Electrical and Electronic Engineering graduates is growing.  Ireland hosts some of the best electronics companies in the world and in order for these companies to flourish in the global jobs market, we must produce the most highly skilled, capable, willing and innovative workforce possible.

This is the reason for embarking on the initiatives outlined below and why it is so important to support programmes encouraging young people to consider Electrical and Electronic Engineering as a career. Please take the time to read through the initiatives and volunteer to help where possible.


Dr. Eamon Connolly
Electrical and Electronic Engineering Promotion Officer
Email   EamonCEIA@outlook.com


We would like to thank our sponsors for supporting our STEM activity delivery in 2019: IDA, Enterprise Ireland, Horner, Wisetek, Moog, Flex, Boston Scientific, Cork Internet eXchange, Firecomms, Pilz, Alps, Dell, Intel and Sanmina.

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