In conjunction with the CEIA, CloudCIX Ltd. is offering a two hour training course on Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning to CEIA members, taking place on Tuesday June 11th @ 9:00am –

This is an Online Event and requires registration to attend. Log in details will be sent upon registration.Click here to registerAI/ML Workshop

This is an ideal opportunity for members to increase their understanding of machine learning with a focus on Large Language Models.

If Members are trying to establish how AI/ML will affect their industries this is a wonderful workshop to increase understanding.

Employees with the following responsibilities will benefit in attending:

  • Strategic Decision makers responsible for defining AI strategy for their business.
  • ICT professionals tasked with executing that strategy.
  • Professionals looking to improve their understanding of the current AI & Machine learning technology and how it works

The workshop will last two hours and will include:

  • Introduction to Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Large Language Models (LLM) & Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG).
  • A description of research work undertaken at UCC to develop a private, safe, bilingual (Irish, English) chat bot using the above techniques
  • A practical demonstration of building a chatbot utilising retrieval augmented retrieval (RAG) able to interrogate a specific corpus of data.


  Jerry Sweeney, Founder & Managing Director, CloudCIX

Jerry graduated from UCC in 1980 with a B.E.(Elec.) degree and later earned an M.Sc. from DIT (now DCU). His career included working in the semiconductor and computer manufacturing industries. In 2008, Jerry founded Cork Internet eXchange, Cork’s only commercial data centre. In 2019 the company launched a Cloud platform, CloudCIX, offering tailored Cloud services to enterprise, government and education.

Since March 2023, CloudCIX has formed a specialised team focused on machine learning.


We would like to say thanks to Jerry and his team at CloudCIX for hosting this event.