takes place on Mon. May 29th start time: 09:45 hrs

Digital Manufacturing Ireland (DMI),

National Technology Park, Limerick

Map Ref: DMI, Limerick

Supported by IDA Ireland, Digital Manufacturing Ireland, helps manufacturers solve business challenges quickly and effectively across the integrated pillars of technology, supply chain, operations and skills, and culture transformation.

Digital Manufacturing Ireland enables State-of-the-Art and State-of-the-Future technology adoption and directly supports companies to effectively adapt (and integrate) to appropriate levels of advanced technologies, using  their facilities as a test bed for new digital technologies, validating successful adoption. 

DMI has a dedicated team of data scientists, to talk through all aspects of your data requirements e.g. data modelling, data visualisation, machine learning, digital twin, and manufacturing execution systems (MES).

This Business Briefing is highly applicable to automation, lean, operations, engineering and digital functions within your organisation who are looking for opportunities to increase operational effectiveness and efficiency, whilst lowering overall expenses.

The visit will include

  1. An outline of some of DMI’s Digital Capabilities;
    • Data visualisation,
    • Digital Twin,
    • VR training,
    • HCM (Human Centric Manufacturing) – associated People skills and culture
    • Strategy alignment between enterprise and digital strategy, readiness assessment examples
  2. Tour of DMI’s  Digital Assets, which are enabling companies harness the potential of digital transformation
  3. Funding Supports and Opportunities from IDA

You must register to attend this event and to register send an Email to: malachy.ceia@outlook.com,  and include the following details:

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Multiple persons can attend from the same member organisation

We wish to thank Domhnall Carroll, CEO DMI, and his team for facilitating and hosting this excellent business briefing.