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Supply Technologies, a subsidiary of ParkOhio(NASDAQ:PKOH), specializes in supplier selection and management, planning, implementing, managing the physical flow of product for world-class international manufacturing companies, and servicing customers in the various markets. Supply Technologies is not simply a fastener distributor, we are your strategic partner in providing global, point-of-use, and cross-industry Total Supply ManagementTM services built on proprietary logistics system capabilities. With experience in more than 100 industries; expertise in nearly every inventory management discipline; use of advanced and emerging technologies, and a singularly connected global infrastructure, only Supply Technologies has the intellectual and technological infrastructure to give you a program of process, resource and production efficiencies that improve your competitive position in the marketplace. We call our way of doing business Total Supply Management™, a proactive 360° approach to managing the efficiencies of everyone involved in supplying the parts and materials that are ultimately delivered to your floor.

Company Phone: +353-21-496-84-80

Unit 11 a/b, Unit 11A,
City Link Park, Forge Hill,
Kinsale Road,

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