Oct 22nd 2014, Hayfield Manor, Cork

“What’s notable about the CEIA is that it is not simply an  Industry association or lobby group – it is rather a convergent working group of industry managers”

A gathering was held on 22 Oct 2014, in Hayfield Manor Hotel, to celebrate the association’s achievements of past thirty years. The guest speaker on the night was

Jeff Waters, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Altera Corporation.

Dignitary’s such as the Cork’s Deputy Lord Mayor, Ken O’Flynn Fianna Fáil Leader and Spokesperson on Northern Ireland, Micheál Martin TD., and nine past Chairmen were a part of the celebrations. The foundation of the organisation was a turning point for the companies and CEOs involved in the industry 30 years ago and continues to develop the industry in the region today.

Ernest Keeffe, GM of MOOG, and Chairperson of the CEIA outlined the plans for the 30th anniversary  celebrations in the  organisation, “As this is an exciting milestone year for us we have a Celebration Dinner, among the honour role will be past chairmen and officials who established the  association.” He also outlined the plans tor publication of a celebration brochure, “Tonight we proudly launch our 30 yr Celebration Brochure, which shares the history of the organisation and its current activities, with half page profile on each member organisation. Our Monthly Business briefings continue throughout the year and focus on association members, showcasing the significant range of Technical & Shared Services skill base in the ICT sector in Cork.”

lCT Industry Success

The success of the electronics and information technology industries in Cork is largely attributable to the committed performance of its most vital asset – its people.  A young, flexible, well-educated, English-speaking work force is readily available and a close working relationship between industry, third-level Colleges and the Cork Training Centre ensures that this workforce is prepared in areas of technology geared to the present and future needs of these industries.

Ernest spoke about the impact of the CEIA over its 30 year history and the innovations it has made throughout the Cork region. Outlining the biggest contribution the CEIA has made to the ICT industry in Ireland, he spoke about the co-operation and common goals of the members who   are involved in the organization.   “What  is  notable about the CEIA is that it is not simply an industry association or lobby group – rather it is a convergent working group of industry managers, public sector officials and   academic institutions working towards shared interests who actively partake and give of their time for the betterment of industry as a whole.”

The CEIA is a member-driven non-profit association which represents the interests of ICT companies in the Cork region working in accord with the Industrial Development Agency (IDA), Enterprise Ireland, the CETB (formerly FAS) the Cork Institute of Technology and University College Cork, the Tyndall Institute and the National Software Centre to ensure a sophisticated technological infrastructure is in place to enable the industry to grow and prosper.

Business Briefings, the Annual Conference and various initiatives provide on-going learning and transfer of knowledge for both IT professionals and engineers but also students with an interest in working in ICT, Science and Engineering.

The CEIA continues to grow its membership and its collaboration with key regional and national agencies such as the world renowned Tyndall Institute.

Strong Legacy

Despite having a successful 30 years behind it, there are challenges that present themselves to the CEIA. Some of the biggest challenges the CEIA have overcome in the industry include the constant development and innovation of the ICT sector. The characteristics of  the ICT Sector continues to evolve, merging technologies blurs the lines  between industrial sectors e.g. Medtech and Electronics which we see as an opportunity  rather than a challenge The association will be required to embrace these  changes and develop its appeal to new sectors, .. said Ernest.

The 30th anniversary is the biggest milestone reached by the CEIA and marks the long-term commitment and longevity of the ICT sector in Cork

Ernest spoke about how he hopes to see the CEIA and seek to extend its focus and hence growth into new technology and manufacturing sectors while retaining and strengthening the level of commitment we already demonstrate within the industry.

” The industry has had a long and impressive legacy and hopes to go on a further  30 years and continue on its success in the ICT industry in Ireland.