Our Sept Business Briefing will be held at the WiseTek Corporate HQ, GB Business Park, Little Island on Thurs. Sept 25th @ 6:30pm 

The CEIA is delighted to have:

Sean Sheehan,

Managing Director, Wisetek

address our members sharing the Story of Wisetek.

Sean, a Cork native, originally founded the Wisetek organisation in 2007 to support major Enterprise Systems manufacturers to meet the increasing demands of European WEEE regulations. From his extensive experience in warehousing and operations management within the IT Industry, Sean recognised early that these ever increasing international regulations for managing end of life electronic waste in returning customer systems was becoming a larger management challenge and cost burden for major IT organisations.

Wisetek developed an innovative concept that not only ensured his target major IT corporate clients achieved the highest standards of environmental recycling, but transformed the activity from being a cost burden into a highly profitable operational activity. This was achieved by Wisetek innovatively applying Lean -Manufacturing based disciplines for recovering valuable components for reuse by his OEM clients.

Following a rigorous upgrade and quality testing process, these recovered parts then become totally indistinguishable from brand new parts in terms of form and function and could potentially allow reuse for original purpose. Parts that do not have reuse potential are processed to the highest environmental standards and Wisetek are proud to avoid any landfill.

Wisetek is now considered industry thought leaders and are advisors to enterprise systems original equipment manufacturers (OEM’s) on how best to organise and manage their used equipment returns and faulty customer service parts returns, to ensure these organisations meet their Data Security, WEEE and E-Waste obligations.

Headquartered in Cork and employing over 209 people, Wisetek also has operations in the USA and in Asia, with plans to extend further across North America and Continental Europe.

In addition

Mike Higgins,

Wisetek Sales Director,

will talk on the

Reverse Logistics Industry

Reverse logistics is more than just returns management; it is “activities related to returns avoidance, gatekeeping, disposal and all other after-market supply chain issues”. Returns management — increasingly being recognized as affecting competitive positioning — provides an important link between marketing and logistics. The broad nature of its cross-functional impact suggests that firms would benefit by improving internal integration efforts. In particular, a firm’s ability to react to and plan for the influence of external factors on the returns management process is improved by such internal integration. In a firm’s planning for returns, a primary factor is the remaining value of the material returning and where it may re-enter the supply chain. “Returned goods, or elements of the product, could even be returned to suppliers and supply chain partners for them to re-manufacture”.

Mike has 30 years’ sales and marketing experience of working in the global IT industry, having previously held senior roles for EMC Corporation, Memorex Telex & Xerox Corporations.  He is a well-recognized IT industry speaker having addressed many CIO forums globally.

After the presentations, there will be a networking opportunity with light refreshments served.

We would like to thank Sean, Mike and the team at Wisetek, who generously agreed to host this event.

If you would like to attend please Email info@ceia.ie  providing your name and organisation.