For 32 years the CEIA has been “An active and intimate network for senior business leaders in the Manufacturing, Supply Chain and Technology arena in the Cork area”

The association remains a unique alliance, providing a formal, organised and trusted platform for its members who have the opportunity to make new business contacts, address common issues, liaise with higher education institutions on industry training and graduate profiles required to ensure the sustained growth and competitiveness for its member organisations.To develop on these strengths, which are unique in the Cork area and want to engage you and your business in the most effective method of networking possible.

To this aim we are holding a

Breakfast Briefing on

15th September @ 7:30am

CETB, Rossa Ave. (Map Ref: CETB).

This business Briefing will announce the planned CEIA 2016/’17 activities, which will be based on a theme: ‘Reinvention, Continuous Improvement and Innovation’.  

Presentations will include

  • An overview on Innovation,
  • Organistion Technologies from our newer members,
  • CEIA STEM activities, (which could be offered as a service to fulfill an organisation’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program).

E-mail to confirm your attendance.

The only cost to attend will be your time which we hope you will eagerly provide on the day.