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Firecomms, a compound semiconductor company, develops high-speed light sources in visible range wavelengths. Our innovative lasers and LEDs enable low-cost, high-speed optical data transmission and data capture using visible light; creating new opportunities for optical data communications in small area networks, like those used in car networks and home networks. We leverage our hundreds of man-years of photonics research experience, optical expertise, and extensive IP portfolio to develop cost-effective solutions. Firecomms makes world-class photonic communications products available to OEMs operating in a number of rapidly growing high technology, high volume markets. Our philosophy is to supply superior photonics products at competitive prices, enabling our customers to create innovative products, and to introduce new generations of equipment with dramatic price-performance advantages over their competitors. Our ongoing research and development program with deep roots in fundamental semiconductor research will ensure that our customers keep their competitive advantage. Our close partnership with the Tyndall Institute, a leading European research institute for Information and Communications Technology (ICT), combined with our broad portfolio of technology in the area of communication using visible light allows Firecomms to be a true “solution provider” for the photonics sub-system.

Company Phone: +353 (0)21 454 7100

Firecomms Ltd
2200 Airport Business Park
Kinsale Rd.
Co. Cork

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