HAL is a project aimed at engaging 5th, 6th class students in developing their science communication skills through a discussion on artificial intelligence, how it is used in the world today, its potential impact in their lifetime and the ethical considerations they may encounter.

Using the story of HAL, as outlined in the movie ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’ the topic of technology assisting humans is introduced , so group discussion on innovation and change over the last 50 years can be stimulated and the class can be engaged on their giving their thoughts on what the future might look like.

CEIA provides a discussion toolkit for teachers to enable them to engage students and facilitate class discussions.

Each participating class / school will then be asked to summarise their thoughts either as a poster or presentation. The students will display their poster or presentation at the final event, along with other participating schools, 3rd level representatives , parents and CEIA members. The final event is not a competition but will be a forum for students to share their thoughts and ideas about future technologies , the opportunities, the challenges and how they can best engage in / influence the debate.

The programme will run in final term and have the main event towards the end of June.

For further information contact Eamon at connollye@ceia.ie

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