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Research Centre for Smart Manufacturing

CONFIRM is the Science Foundation Ireland Research Centre for Smart Manufacturing. It's vision is to transform and grow Irish manufacturing by integrating intelligence within; Products, Machines, Production systems and Supply chains Smart Manufacturing has been defined as “the intelligent, real‐time orchestration and optimisation of physical (people & equipment), digital and business processes within factories and across the entire value chain”. CONFIRM's research capability encompasses all aspects of the digitization and digitalization of manufacturing operations and is sector agnostic. From industry collaboration perspective the Confirm operations team is deliberately structured around a cohort of industry experienced personnel and this ensures a better appreciation of their research objectives, challenges, and ultimately project delivery. They are focused on the delivery of excellent and robust science in areas such as blockchain, sensorisation & IoT, data analytics, machine learning, modeling, smart products, etc. and the creation of tangible RoI for our partners. They strive to produce benefits such as securitization & simplification of supply chains, reduced manufacturing operating costs, higher plant asset utilization & productivity, improved time to market, more robust product design & business model creation/optimization etc. And do this by positioning ourselves centrally in an ever increasing ecosystem of research Centre’s, SME & MNC industry partners, regulators, training providers, & startups whilst maintaining an international perspective as they build global collaborations and benchmark against the very best in the world in advanced manufacturing research

Company Phone: +353 (0)61 234395

University of Limerick Digital District
Unit 2 | Park Point | Dublin Road
V94 C928

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